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Design and model in 3D as if you were an expert


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3DVIA Shape is a good design and 3D modeling program that allows anyone -yes, anyone- to create amazing designs just putting on them a bit of time and patience.

3DVIA Shape is, about all, a program for all ages and skills. The options for model edition are very few but they are really powerful and with just 8 or 10 tools you'll be able to create geometric elements with no problems. Make them to be taller or shorter, upraise a certain point, overlap some objects, give it a bit of color,...

Furthermore, if you are a newbie, just follow a simple 17 steps tutorial which will give you the essential skills to create your own designs and start taking the most out of 3DVIA Shape.

Finally, Once you'll have created your designs by using 3DVIA Shape you'll be able to share your personal gallery through internet.
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